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Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem by Marilyn Sorensen

This is the revised edition of the popular BREAKING THE CHAIN OF LOW SELF-ESTEEM, viewed by many as the Bible of Self-Esteem. The book includes the Sorensen Self-Esteem Test, exercises, and an index. Readers love this easy-to-read book and many have declared it to be the best self-help book they've ever read. Other say it has completely changed their lives. Professionals say it contains startling new insights into low self-esteem.

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My Work With Marilyn

After seeking help from various therapists & doctors without any success from cognitive therapy or medication, I found the book Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem.

I am a 39 year-old father of one, and have spent the majority of my adult life suffering from anxiety and depression to an extent that my relationships, career, and general day to day life have been severely effected.

After reading the book, I felt that at long last, there was an understanding of my issues that I could actually relate to.
I was so enlightened on reading the book and due to the severity of my issues decided to contact Marilyn Sorensen directly to start with her process of therapy.

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Guest Viewpoint

Article by Dr. Marilyn Sorensen, published December 2, 2015 in the Eugene Register-Guard: Lower Risk of Violence By Raising Self-Esteem, excerpt below. Read the full article here.

"We listen to the all-too-frequent news of gun violence and wonder what is happening in our country. Why is this type of violence being committed by people who have never done such things before, often young men and boys? Is it contagious? We seek answers..."

A Crucial Time

Dear Dr. Sorensen,

My name is David, and I am just writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me with your book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem. You have spoken into my life at a crucial time-- I got married a year ago and I wanted to do right by my wife and live up to my own potential, but I felt this heavy weight of incapability due to my LSE.

Now that I have been reading your wonderful book and doing the exercises for about 2 months, I have started to hope again! I have also purchased your workbook and the guide to raising children with healthy self-esteem. I promise to keep going! I owe it to you, my wife and myself. Thank you for your gift to me!

Sincerely, David Geigerman

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Available in Spanish

Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem is available in Spanish.

Breaking The Chain in Spanish

Your Book Helped Me Tremendously

Hi Ms. Sorensen,

I recently picked up a copy of your book Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem and it has helped me tremendously. I basically had no confidence in myself at all, even though I perform at a higher than average level. Your book has changed that.

Once I figured out where my LSE was coming from and what exactly it was, I began to take it apart, one piece at a time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me through your book.

Sincerely, Francis Abounad

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Dr. Sorensen Receives International Honor

Dr. Marilyn Sorensen

Dr. Sorensen has received a lovely cherrywood holder in which rests an engraved crystal plate with the following words:

Marilyn Sorensen, PhD
As a member to appear in the 2014
Edition of Bristol Who’s Who Registry
of Executives & Professionals, having
pursued excellence, maintained perseverance,
and ascended to the summit of
professional accomplishment.

Before she received her doctorate, Marilyn was honored by being selected as one of the "Outstanding Young Women of America" (1997).

Dr. Sorensen, was also honored to be included in both the 1996 and 1997 Editions of Who’s Who (US) in Executives and Professionals in the US, and as an Honored Professional in the US Nationwide Register of Who’s Who in 2000. 

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See a former client talk about how Dr. Sorensen's Amazingly Effective Recovery Program saved his life.

Those who have worked with Dr. Sorensen find her warm, encouraging, insightful, supportive, and both men and women who've gone through her recovery program have said that working with her forever changed their lives in ways that they never could have imagined.

This website is for you! Be Hopeful: Dr. Sorensen’s program can change your life, and in a remarkably short time.

Having grown up with low self-Esteem, Dr. Sorensen has dedicated most of her life to thoroughly understanding what low self-esteem is, how and when it forms, the way in which it controls one’s lfe and then going further to develop the Sorensen Self-Esteem Recovery Program which has proven to be extremely successful. Her book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem: Second Edition has been labeled, “The New Bible of Self-Esteem,” “The Best book on Self-Esteem ever written”, and “the best self-help book on the market”. Readers have contacted her with questions and sharing their gratefulness for her work, her insight, her compassion, and her understanding of this issue. Several have stated that their growth saved their marriages, their jobs, and gave them a new lease on life.
   Should you decide to work with her, you will see that she is upbeat, sensitive, and caring. She will teach you new skills, show you how to “correct” your distorted thinking (which accompanies low self-esteem), and add humor to your life.

Dr. Sorensen understands:

And, she wants you to know that: 

self-esteem questionnaire If you are out of the country or out of the state, Dr. Sorensen can work with you by email, phone, or using Skype. She has established a highly effective program for recovery that will alter your life, if you regularly and diligently follow the few assignments she has for you. Hundreds have successfully worked through her program and have found their lives altered in positive ways they could not have imagined.

Most of her clients have searched for years for the answers.

Most have spent thousands of dollars on therapy that did not work.

Many have just given up, BUT NOW THERE IS HOPE!!



Wonder if you have low self esteem?

Click on the Sorensen Self Esteem Test on the right. (Adobe Acrobat Reader necessary to view PDF.)

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Email address for Dr. Sorensen:

Dr. Marilyn J Sorensen has made her life work that of understanding low self esteem and developing a program for recovery from this devastating problem. Dr. Sorensen gained international recognition as an authority on low self-esteem following release of her first book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem. (Now in it's 3rd Edition.)

Many who've read it say it's the best book ever written on low self-esteem and has dramatically altered their lives. Dr. Sorensen considers her most important professional contributions to be not only her work on understanding the inner experience of those with low self-esteem, but also the incorporation of those insights into the development of a highly effective recovery program for low self-esteem. Often a pioneer, she currently works by phone and Skype with people across the states and around the world, teaching them her recovery program called F T H therapy.

Rising Self-Esteem

For Dr. Marilyn Sorensen:

My first time I got in touch with Dr. Marilyn was after I found her book, Breaking the Chain of LSE on the internet. I've read many LSE books from various authors but none was that insightful, indicated such an understanding of the subject, or as clear and honest like her book. I've read and first try to work on my LSE issues by myself.

I'm 32 years old and I've been suffering with LSE since childhood I think due too bad parenting (my father had LSE),negative peers and many negative experiences. The major part for me was to even realize I have LSE, which I finally gave attention to, only a few years ago. Since childhood I’ve felt quite a lot of anxiety and insecurity in myself and had many fears about relationships, life, my work...

I discovered my own techniques with dealing with LSE like: daily diary, "mental game points" (short statement which I go through every night so I don't stop continuing on recover), reading many psychological books and being more aware of my thoughts and my behavior and also got interested in other people's behavior. I took decisive steps further in recovery when I decided to work twice a month with Dr. Marilyn via Skype. I believe my full recovery couldn't occur without these sessions. Also I totally agree with statement in one LSE book which is "self help books couldn't ever replace working with professional".

Only within a couple of sessions with Dr. Marilyn (I’ve had 6 of them) I noticed incredible change in my thinking, behavior, my self esteem started to rise. When you fully understand that you were not born with LSE, that you've learned it you don’t need to be embarrassed or feel guilty about it. I was/am very determined on this issue. I think main two things I need for full recovery of LSE is determination and hard work with proper guide by specialized professional like Dr. Marilyn

I think Marilyn is number one LSE writer and therapist in the world and have huge respect for her and her work (she literally saved many people's lives). I will be always grateful to her for help as full recovery couldn't occur without her help. She's also very kind, funny, honest and good-hearted.

Thank you Marilyn.

Simon, Slovia

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