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Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem

by Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D

"The new bible of self-esteem," says Robert Lubow, M.D. psychiatrist, Cincinnati, Ohio.

"The best book ever written on self-esteem," says Sandra K. Pinches, Ph.D., psychologist, Portland, Oregon.

"Highly recommended." The Midwest Book Review

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Breaking the Chain

Wolf Publishing Co., pub date 10/98 $19.95 ISBN: 09664315-0-2, Paperback and Audio. Available through bookstores nationwide.

Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem is concise, dramatic, plus easy to read and digest and thoroughly explores a subject--low self-esteem (LSE) that is often talked about, though poorly understood.

Readers say this popular self-help book has given them long-overdue insight into their problems and direction, that therapy did not. Using a primary character, Jane, each chapter begins with an example from Jane's life enabling the reader to see how LSE affects a person's life over the years. In fact, many readers have said, "I feel like you wrote this book about me," "This is my story. I am Jane," "I feel like you've been riding on my shoulder all my life," "How do you know this about me,?" "Never before have I read anything that so clearly described my life," "I've seen several therapists. Why did none of them share this with me?" "This book saved my relationship," "Awesome," and "This book has changed my life forever. Thank you, Dr. Sorensen"


Now in an updated second edition, Breaking The Chain of Low Self-Esteem by clinical psychologist Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D. is a self-help guide both for individuals suffering from severe low self-esteem and their loved ones. Chapters tell in plain terms how to identify abnormally low self-esteem, confront fear and anxiety, end self-sabotage, control negative inner voices, free oneself from the relentless pursuit of validation, and much more. Numerous step-by-step exercises round out Breaking The Chain of Low Self-Esteem, making it an interactive self-help guide that connects with the reader on multiple levels. (Midwest Book Review: Small Press Watch, October, 2006)

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Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem contains:

Dozens of books on the shelves of bookstores today purport to alter low self-esteem through the use of affirmations, though they do not work. Dozens more claim you can develop healthy self-esteem in a few days or weeks. This is also not true. In fact, while these books may be an encouragement for those with basically healthy self-esteem who are suffering a temporary setback, they have the opposite effect on those who truly have low self-esteem.